““I feel detoxified, it’s lifted me to a different life, all for £20!. It was like a door opening to a new life”

Mr Trevor Bond aged 68 has been running a farm for over 40 years, he is married to Valerie, and they have three children. Trevor tried the Bio Mag Therapy Bracelet three months ago and has never looked back; the results were so dramatic that we asked him for an interview.

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Here are just a few of the testimonials sent to us from customers:

"...It's three months now that I have been wearing your bracelet and I have experienced a distinct improvement as regards my headaches."
Mrs N.T. of B.

"I have been wearing the Bio Mag Therapy Bracelet for 4 weeks. I must admit that the severe arthritic pains in my shoulders which I have suffered for more than 20 years have gradually lessened and enabled me to do things I could not do before. The bracelet has been beneficial for a good many other ailments, and I can but recommend it to people who cannot go on suffering any longer."
Mr M.B. of G.

Lumbar pains
"I have been wearing your bracelet since the end of June and am very happy with the result, because the kidney pains and pains in my joints have diminished considerably."
Mrs R.P. of R.

"After a few days, the tense muscles in my shoulders and lower back relaxed, and after 9 days I no longer suffered from sciatica."
Mrs H.M. of D.

"All my life I have suffered from being a light sleeper. I had problems with my lymphatic glands and swelling in my legs. The water circulation and digestion are working well now that I have been wearing my Bracelet for just one month."
Mrs H.C. of G.

Pains in the arm
"I have two Bio Mag Therapy Bracelets and it’s wonderful. No more pains in the arm after suffering for three years. I am alive again! I live again. Thank you. I will tell all my friends."
Mrs M.S. of P.

"After one hour my headaches had disappeared and I felt an increase of energy."
Mrs A.O. of G.

"My great problem was always head­aches. Often I had to go into a dark room and could not stand the slightest noise. With your bracelet, the pains have gone and I can lead a normal life."
Mrs C.P.

"My father and my husband suffer from time to time from depression and heart problems. I am very happy to say that the pains have begun to disappear more and more since the end of December."
Mrs M.S.

Back pains
"Up to now, the Bio Mag Therapy Bracelet has had a very positive effect. It has complemented the treatment received from my chiropractor, and my back pains have decreased considerably."
Mrs S.S. of R.

Neck pains
"After wearing the Bio Mag Therapy Bracelet for some time, my wife found that she no longer had difficulty in breathing and that the pains in her neck had disappeared."
Mr F.M. of T.

Unexplained tiredness
"Wearing the Bio Mag Therapy Bracelet, I nearly always sleep until the morning once again and feel refreshed like I used to."
Mrs H.G. of L.

Rheumatic pains
"Since I suffered from severe rheumatic pains in the left hand, I decided to order your Bio Mag Therapy Bracelet, even though I am very sceptical by nature. I have been wearing it for a month, and I must admit that my pains have completely disappeared." Mrs J.R. of F.

"For a long time, I suffered from rheumatic pains in the left calf. Sometimes so painful that I could hardly walk or stand up. Since I have been using the Bio Mag Therapy Bracelet, the pains have totally disappeared."
Mr C. F

Hip pains
"I have been wearing your Bio Mag Therapy Bracelet for five weeks. The pains I had in both hips disappeared after three weeks. Unbelievable... and yet...!"
Mr M.F. of G.

"Right from the first moment I wore the Bio Mag Therapy Bracelet, I felt an impression of warmth in my right hand, because for some time I had been suffering from tendonitis. I am very satisfied because all my pain has gone and I thank you."
Mrs X. of G.

"I confirm my order for three Bio Mag Therapy Bracelets for my friends. I am satisfied with the bracelet, because I sleep better and feel relief from pain in the bones of my foot."
Mrs F.B. of P.

"I had great difficulty sleeping more than 4 or 5 hours, which is why I felt very tired. This affected my performance at work. I am a travelling salesman, and constantly on the move, walking, going up and down stairs, etc... But since a friend recommended your bracelet, I sleep 8 or 9 hours a night
Mr H. S

General pains
"I must tell you that I feel much better since I started wearing your bracelet, which has greatly relieved my pains. Please send me a similar gilded bracelet to give to my sister-in-law who suffers from similar pains."
Mr J.M. of R.


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