Acti Vital Magnetic Bracelet
Acti-Vital Magnetic Health Bracelet

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Acti Vital Magnetic Bracelet

Acti Vital Magnetic Bracelet

Acti-Vital Magnetic Health Bracelet This stunning new Acti-Vital magnetic healing bracelet benefits from the double powerful effects of copper and magnetism.

Benefit from Copper: Benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of copper whilst restoring your inner balance with the strong extraordinary powerful magnets. The human body contains a complex system of energy pathways to circulate the energy that stimulates our vital functions By circulating your energy flows you will stimulate vital bodily functions and release blocked energy.

Powerful Magnets: This unique design features a gold elegant finish and is beautifully inscribed on the inside with the 7 chakras energy symbols. Feedback on this bracelet has been outstanding particularly for joint problems

Once you slip your bracelet on, the powerful magnets will help to…

• Stimulate your blood flow – (your nutrient and oxygen delivery highway). The magnetic force separates the blood cells which allow them to pick up more oxygen, increasing your energy levels.
• Provide relief from painful arthritic joints – Moves calcium crystals away from joints – when these collect around the joints, they can cause painful inflammation.
• Help to starve off illness – positively changes the PH of your bodily fluids, enabling your body to fight off illness and heal itself quicker.
• Provide natural Pain Relief – the relief you enjoy is completely natural and drug free.

90-day Money-Back Guarantee: We are so confident in our magnetic therapy devices that we offer a 90 day money back guarantee on all of our products, no questions asked.

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