BioMag Sport Bracelet
BioMag Sport Bracelet

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BioMag Sport Bracelet

BioMag Sport Bracelet

The Bio Mag Sport Bracelet discreetly conceals 4 powerful healing stones which will have amazing effects on your health! Never before have we been able to offer the healing benefits of Germanium!

Geranium is a powerful gem stone that counteracts harmful positive ions generated by electrical devices (e.g. mobile phones, computers, televisions). It not only provides EMF protection but also stimulates cells boosting energy level. So if you or a loved one regularly feels tired then give it a try – RISK FREE.

The combination of these 4 powerful healing stones will have amazing effects on your health! Wear it for just a few days and you will feel fitter and healthier. The 4 stones will react with your body boosting your immune system and boosting blood flow to your major organs. You will also feel more alert and able to concentrate better thanks to the stimulation of blood flow to the brain.

This modern unisex design make makes it the perfect gift for men and women of all ages. Only you will know that the brushed metal panel conceals 4 healing stones!. Available in 2 sizes (medium or large). A versatile design, wearable for all occasions and with the robust wristband you can even wear while gardening or doing sports

The 4 healing stones:

Far Infrared Stone: Improve blood flow and functioning of major organs
Germanium Stone: Stimulates cells to boost energy and circulation.
Neodymium Magnet: Boosts your immune system and helps to improve performance levels.
Negative Iron Stone: Increases flow of blood to the brain which boosts alertness

4 powerful healing stones discreetly concealed
Lightweight and comfortable
Modern unisex design
Adjustable strap
Durable and robust – perfect for all activities

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