BioMag Mattress Topper (Double)
Bio Mag Matress Topper (Double)

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BioMag Mattress Topper (Double)

BioMag Mattress Topper (Double)


Therapeutic healing whilst you sleep.

Drug free pain relief
For added comfort
Discreet embedded magnets
Long lasting
Perfect for travelling

Comfort & Relief: The Bio Mag mattress topper is made from soft, lightly padded, high quality cotton providing ultimate comfort and relief. This isn’t an ordinary mattress topper either; it conceals strategically placed magnetic healing strips to provide comfort and relief while you sleep. The magnets are completely flat, so you won’t even know that they are there. You are guaranteed the most comfortable and therapeutic night’s sleep with the Bio Mag Mattress Topper - every night.

For all beds: Simply place the Bio Mag Mattress Topper on your mattress and under your bed sheet. And from the very first night you’ll notice the difference. You’ll enjoy the added comfort for a relaxing good night’s sleep! Available in 2 sizes, the smaller size can be used for single beds or one half of a double, and the larger size suitable for double or king size beds.

How can it help you?: The Bio Mag Mattress Topper provides drug free pain relief. During the night the magnets will work to rebalance your entire body. The magnets work to increase blood flow, which in turn increases oxygen-carrying capacity around your body. By sleeping on the Bio Mag Mattress Topper you can look forward to waking feeling more alert, energetic, feel unexplained tiredness lift and stress subside. The effects of magnetic therapy can be everlasting as long as you continue to use them every day. Long term the Bio Mag Mattress Topper can positively alter the PH of the body, keeping illnesses at bay and well as influence calcium ions away from painful arthritic joints and help the body to heal itself quicker.

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